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Date: 12 Dec 2006 12:40:39
From: mocha
Subject: Gaggia Special
Gaggia Special is a home made espresso machine with following features:

Exact brew temperature control (industrial dimmer 3 kW and PID),
Brew boiler (Gaggia standard boiler with modified group valve)
Preheating of brew water in a separate boiler (Tschibo Cafissimo brass
boiler made by Gaggia)
Steam boiler (a third boiler, Cafissimo)
2 pumps (ULKA&CEME)
Metallic body and frame (alu&inox)
Dimensions WLH 250-350-430 mm
Weight 15 kg

The coffee is excellent and reproducible 90%. A huge range of
experiments are available J.

This machine with somehow overkill spec is the result of a quest to
improve the performance of a Gaggia Evolution. To keep the inside of
the brew group clean, I choose to not implant a solenoid. A strong
point of Gaggia Evolution IMO.

Please see the mashine here:

I take the opportunity to thank group member Sparky for his scientific
analysis of Gaggia's brew behavior. A starting point of my efforts.


Date: 13 Jan 2007 10:54:09
From: mocha
Subject: Re: Gaggia Special
here is a photo showing the inside of the machine:

<a href="" target="_blank" ><img
border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting" ></a>

left outside: dimmer
left inside: standard Gaggia boiler for brewing
under the PID: two pumps
right top: preheat boiler
right down: steam boiler



Date: 12 Dec 2006 17:48:56
From: daveb
Subject: Re: Gaggia Special

and the packaging is certainly better than say, versalab.