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Date: 20 Aug 2007 20:06:36
Subject: MI5 Persecution: Ken Clarke (1), April 1997 (1988)

Ken Clarke (1), April 1997

Certainty level: 30%

The first of two video segments from the same program, this shows
Jon Snow interviewing Ken Clarke in April 1997, during the general
election campaign. The following exchange is heard;

Jon Snow: "You say we are booming in your posters, the bust's around the corner"

Ken Clarke: "You took that from three years ago, when I was being
advised to do all kinds of mad things to stimulate the economy,
and being told that I had to take desperate measures to get it going"

At this time I was watching television almost continuously at home,
with a video recorder whirring away, trying to obtain from the
newscasters a reaction which would give them away. I think this is an
instance where it happened. Ken Clarke first darts a glance straight at
the video camera (and perhaps at a monitor next to it showing my living
room), then comes out with "all kinds of mad things", while engaging in a
facial display involving raising of eyebrows and lowering of eyelids.
To me at the time, and also now, it looked as if he was selecting a
context into which he could drop the word "mad" as a directed insult against me.


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Date: 21 Aug 2007 09:27:22
From: D. Ross
Subject: Re: Need recommendation for burr grinder for Saeco machine
"Dee Dee" < > wrote:

Date: 21 Aug 2007 11:55:09
From: Randall Nortman
Subject: Re: Need recommendation for burr grinder for Saeco machine
On 2007-08-21, D. Ross < > wrote:
> The problem with home conical grinders like the Solis Maestro is that the
> upper burr in the burrset 'floats', and tends to wear out after a year of
> use for espresso.

This seems to have been fixed in the Virtuoso model, which has a more
solid carrier for the upper burr. I haven't had mine for a year yet,
but word on the street is that the problem is fixed.

> (It is fine for French press etc., and OK for espresso
> for a while.) If you are really looking for a cheap disposable espresso
> grinder, the Bodum Antigua has exactly the same burrset, off the same
> assembly line, and is usually much cheaper.

The Virtuoso also has a better burr set than the Maestro and Maestro