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Date: 15 Aug 2007 15:04:03
From: roland
Subject: Musing about Musetti
After Randy R. made me try the Musetti coffees, here the results of
our testing/tasting. Bear in mind that we work with the dreaded Jura
X9 ;-))

Also, the sorts we get here probably don't make it over the pond.

Italia= very strong, dark.

Crema= OK, sweet.

Al-Arabia= very acid. definitely not our taste.

Cremissimo= very good with some chocolate after taste, sweet. On a
"real" machine probably formidable.

Santos= very good arabica (and the most expensive of all)

Evoluzione= good, even if I could but guess why it proudly shows it's
"Certified Specialty Coffee" label.

Espresso= our Jura made a fine crema with it. Good, not so sweet. We
will probably stick with this one.

And then David suggested to try and find a local roaster.
I did find one.
First I was very pleased to find out that his shop was as tiny as
He didn't get stiff lips when I told him what machine we use and very
kindly directed me to the sorts he thinks are best for us.

Thanks to David for the suggestion.

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Date: 16 Aug 2007 09:34:12
From: D. Ross
Subject: Re: Musing about Musetti

Date: 16 Aug 2007 16:55:59
From: Jack Denver
Subject: Re: Musing about Musetti
But only for straight shots. They said that it sucked for milk drinks,
which is not surprising because it's not tuned for milk to begin with.
Also, the ferment taste that they loved so much is not everyone's "cup of
tea" - someone who is a "clean cup" lover raised on washed specialty
arabicas such as Kona might say "yeeech" to the whole thing. What reads as
"morel mushroom" and "earthy" to one person might read as "moldy basement"
to another. This is the kind of blend that you either really love or really
hate so I'd get a taste somewhere first before you order a kilo or a case.

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Date: 16 Aug 2007 13:34:03
From: roland
Subject: Re: Musing about Musetti
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