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Date: 04 Jun 2007 04:53:43
From: Donn Cave
Subject: removing MCF lower burr
We have a Nuovo Simonelli MCF grinder, little square thing with doser
and relatively small burrs. I want to remove the lower burr, but can't
break the tall brass nut on the end of the motor spindle. Hope I don't
need a special tool that fits the carrier tabs!

Some hard mineral object entered the grinder this evening. Initially it
jammed, but I freed it when I started trying to back off that nut, and
now it spins fairly freely, but I would like to get it off and clean out
down there. Even if there weren't rocks down there, it has been several
years. The burr edges look OK, not perfect but tolerable.


Date: 04 Jun 2007 07:49:39
From: D. Ross
Subject: Re: removing MCF lower burr

Date: 06 Jun 2007 04:41:33
From: Donn Cave
Subject: Re: removing MCF lower burr
Quoth (D. Ross):