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Date: 03 Apr 2007 02:01:25
From: *alan*
Subject: what's the extra tube for?
Recently ran across an interesting little "moka" pot, which I'm guessing was
manufactured in the 60's if not earlier. Unfortunately, there's nothing to
indicate brand or even country of origin.
Anyway, it's functional --- put the coffee in the basket, water in the
bottom, clamp it closed, put it on the stove, and out comes the espresso,
er... "moka".
Pretty straightforward.
BUT .... I can't figure out the function of what appears to be a totally
useless tube. As you can see from the pics I posted on,
leading down from the coffee basket is a central tube which ends in a sort
of fat disk with a hole on its edge about 1/8" in diameter. This is the
entry point for the water. There is also another tube to the right of the
central tube which starts from that disk and ends (with an open end) just
shy of the bottom of the coffee basket. It is not connected to the coffee
basket at all.
Does anyone have any idea what might be the purpose of that tube?
(I'd also appreciate any info which may shed light on the manufacturer and
date of manufacture).

Date: 03 Apr 2007 05:50:09
From: D. Ross
Subject: Re: what's the extra tube for?

Date: 03 Apr 2007 18:41:17
From: *alan*
Subject: Re: what's the extra tube for?

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